The World's Fastest Cache and Key-Value Store!

The World's Fastest Key-Value Store and Cache!

Experience lightning-fast data management with cachegrand - the world's fastest cache and key-value store. Compatible with Redis and optimized for speed, it's the ultimate solution for businesses and developers looking to stay ahead of the game.

Power Up Your Business with cachegrand: The Key-Value Store of the Future.

Unleash the power of next-gen data processing performance with cachegrand. Take full control of your hardware with its scalable architecture and support for Redis protocol, it can scale almost linearly! Upgrade to cachegrand, boost performance, and save money all at once. Get Ahead of the game with the best key-value store on the market!

Up to 🔥 35X Faster

Our tests have shown that cachegrand has a significant advantage in GET operation performance, with up to 35 times faster results than Redis. This performance increase is a result of the advanced, open-source architecture of cachegrand that takes full advantage of modern hardware making it more scalable and efficient.

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Up to đź’Ł 64X more load

The results indicate that cachegrand outperforms Redis in SET operation efficiency, with the ability to process up to 64 times more load. This improvement is attributed to its advanced architecture, which optimizes modern hardware, resulting in increased scalability and efficiency. In addition to the remarkable load capacity, cachegrand is able to handle the extra data without sacrificing performance.

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Key features

Lightening-fast GETs and SETs

Unlock the full potential of your data with Cachegrand's lightning-fast GET and SET operations.

Effortless scalability

Scale with ease and keep up with your growing data needs with Cachegrand's advanced, open-source architecture.

High-volume handling

Say goodbye to data limitations and hello to handling massive amounts of data with ease taking advantage of flash memories.

Cost-effective solution

Maximize your performance and minimize your costs with Cachegrand's efficient data management.

Redis Compatible

Seamlessly integrate Cachegrand into your existing data workflow with its Redis protocol compatibility.

Open for customization

Make Cachegrand your own with the flexibility and customization of an open-source solution.

Use Cases

cachegrand is a great match for data ingestion and analysis pipelines

Perfect fit for a primary Key-Value database

Blazing fast performances and larger-than-in-memory caches are a perfect combination

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